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Embracing Growth and Impact: Get to Know Danielly Hernandes, Edstruments Summer Intern

At Edstruments, our mission revolves around innovation and efficiency, propelling positive changes in education, nonprofit, and public sectors. Our dedicated team forms the bedrock of our success, and today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Danielly Hernandes, an exceptional summer intern who's injected fresh perspectives and boundless enthusiasm into our mission. Dani has been interning as a Chief of Staff Intern for the 2023 summer, and she is a full-time MBA student at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.

Discovering the Path to Edstruments

Dani's journey with Edstruments began with a discovery on the Kellogg Job Board. In her words, "I'm fascinated by Education and worked in the field during my time at university in Brazil." This fascination drew her to our mission. The Chief of Staff role caught her attention as it aligned perfectly with her goals of learning and growth. When asked about her process of securing the role, Dani said: "I had three cool and smooth interviews... Aditya conducted them in a very friendly way." The moment she got the offer, she recounts, "The good news came when I was at the gym (Aditya called me), and it made my day even happier!"

Seamless Transition and Immersive Onboarding

Entering a new work environment can be daunting, especially when it involves transitioning to a different country (Dani is originally from Brazil!). Dani's initial nervousness quickly dissipated when she realized, "People here were friendly and welcoming." Describing her onboarding, she notes, "The onboarding process was really smooth... In a few days, I was feeling that I could handle the challenges." The training process left a mark on her: "I received a bunch of training videos to understand the product and also several materials explaining the main things I needed to learn."

Embracing Edstruments' Distinctive Culture

Asked about her favorite aspect of Edstruments, Dani's response reflects her enthusiasm for the company's culture: "The culture! I am impressed by how the values are present in the everyday activities." She specifically highlights Edstruments' values: "Diversity: We have people from at least three different countries which enriches our discussions, providing more insights that drive the company forward." She commends the culture of ownership: "People are empowered to take initiative and responsibility." She admires the humility of the team, noting, "The welcoming atmosphere assures me that no question is too small." Above all, she resonates with Edstruments' mission: "Edstruments' mission to enhance efficiency within the Impact Sector deeply resonates with me."

A Glimpse into Dani's World Beyond Work

Outside of her internship, Dani's interests offer insight into her vibrant personality. She relishes "spending time with my husband, friends, family, and new people I have the opportunity to meet." She's a sports enthusiast: "My very new hobby is running. I've been running every morning and intend to return to the gym with my group of friends when they come back."

In her two months at Edstruments, Dani has become an integral part of our dynamic team. Her journey from Brazil, her passion for education and growth, and her seamless integration into Edstruments' culture exemplify our values. As we continue our mission, Dani's story stands as a testament to the transformative impact we strive to make. Keep an eye out for more tales of extraordinary individuals who shape Edstruments into the influential force it is today.


Edstruments was founded to help public school systems and nonprofits make the most of their resources. We work with leaders in all roles to empower their decision-making, utilizing principles like those written about in this article. Increase your collaboration, plan multiple scenarios with ease, and deploy your dollars more strategically. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team at today!



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